The Office of Customer Service (GAP) of the Directorate General for Consular Affairs and the Portuguese Communities (DGACCP) is available in Lisbon and Porto at the following addresses:

Lisboa – Largo das Necessidades, nº 42, 1350-179 Lisboa
Contacto: (+ 351) 217 929 700 / 217 929 723

Porto – Rua do Rosário nº 135, 4050-523 Porto

Contacto: (+ 351) 223 395 450 / 223 395 469

Available services

  • Issuance of declaration identifying staff from diplomatic missions and consulates registered at the DGACCP, accredited in Portugal, with the capacity to sign, with or without stamp and seal, documents issued by such Missions for administrative purposes for Portuguese entities, in accordance with art. 2º, n.º 3, paragraph f) of Ordinance (Portaria) n.º 30/2012, of 31 January, modified by Ordinance nº 123/2019, of 30 April;
  • Issuance of other declarations related to administrative documents issued by Portuguese entities;
  • Signature authentication of Portuguese consular staff, when documents do not provide the white stamp or in case of doubt.

Opening hours and procedures


Please note that appointment pre-booking is mandatory, through online registration at the following link:

Available at the Portal das Comunidades website:


Please note that costumer service (individual or collective entities) is non-transferable and only documents linked to the claimant or its immediate family members will be processed, unless power of attorney / authorization is granted to a third party. A maximum of 4 documents for individuals and 10 documents for collective entities are processed. This limit may be exceeded in cases of family reunification of foreign nationals.


Request sent by mail (only for the Lisbon office)

Requests to GAP may be submitted by mail. The following documents are requested:

  • The online form (available at Portal das Comunidades) dully filled;
  • Documents to be authenticated

Please note that the certificates and declarations may be picked up by the claimant or a third party authorized by the former in working days between 2pm and 3pm – 5 working days after the request is received by GAP. Payment is made in cash upon delivery of the documents.


  • Working days from 9am to 12pm: For appointments through online pre-booking. The declarations and certificates requested will be issued upon delivery.
  • Working days from 2pm to 3pm: For claimants or a third party authorized by the former to pick up the documents submitted by mail and the declarations and certificates requested – 5 working days after the request is received by GAP




  • Working days from 9.15am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 4.30pm
  • Requests will be processed by order of arrival, with the exception of priority cases foreseen by the Portuguese law
  • Up to 10 documents will be processed by claimant. The declarations and certificates requested will be issued upon delivery




Please not that, according to Despacho n.º 9690/2013 of 24th July, a 5 euros fee will be charged for each certificate or declaration issued by GAP. The payment is made in cash (Lisbon and Porto offices).


Legal recognition in a foreign country of medical certificates issued in Portugal

Please note GAP does not have competences to authenticate signatures in medical certificates or declarations. Should a document of such nature be required by a foreign entity, the following steps shall be taken:

  1. a) If a medical certificate contains an official seal of a medical doctoral, GAP may issue a declaration;
  2. b) If the medical certificate contains only the signature of a medical doctor, the certificate must be recognized by a notary and then be submitted to GAP for the issuing of a declaration.

Additional Information – The Hague Convention

Portugal is Party to the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents – The Hague Convention, with the Attorney General of the Republic being the competent authority for issuing and verifying apostilles (Article 2 (1) of Decree-Law no. 86/2009, of April 3).

The legalization of Portuguese public acts aimed at producing legal effects in foreign States that are party to the Hague Convention (please see the Hague Conference website: is under the responsibility of the Prosecutor General of the Republic (PGR), as competent authority for issuing and verifying apostilles ( Claimants requiring such service should contact the PGR.

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