State Protocol pursues, inter alia, the following responsibilities:

  • To define the set of rules that regulate ceremonial, etiquette and practice according to current international standards and the traditions and customs of the Portuguese State;

  • To ensure the abidance by and full enforcement of the rules and regulations on immunities and privileges pertaining to the diplomatic status;

  • To accompany official visits organised in the framework of relations among sovereign States as well as between these and international organizations.


For further information access the following legislation (PT)  Decreto Regulamentar 10/2012 and Portaria n.º 33/2012.

728931 128 3List of Heads of Protocol (PT)


Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations (PT) 

647704 pdf 48Convenção de Viena sobre Relações Diplomáticas

647704 pdf 48Convenção de Viena sobre Relações Consulares


Law of the Portuguese Honorific Orders (PT) 

647704 pdf 48Lei nº5/2011 de 2 de março 

Diplomatic Corps Accredited in Portugal (PT)

647704 pdf 48Corpo Diplomático Acreditado em Portugal

Practical Guide 

647704 pdf 48Guia Prático para as Missões Diplomáticas Acreditadas em Portugal (2017)

647704 pdf 48Practical Guide for the Diplomatic Corps Accredited in Portugal (2019)


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