Portuguese communities around the world are one of the most important strategic assets of the Portuguese Foreign Policy and are the most significant display of a global Portugal. They are the gateway to Portugal in the globalised world and, at the same time, the world's point of entry into local and regional territories. There are more than 2 million Portuguese emigrants around the world today, and if we take into account the descendants of Portuguese emigrants, the population with Portuguese origins in hosting countries will be around 5 million - more than 40% of the population residing in the national territory - a diaspora that reached the five continents, which confirms the idea of the global Portuguese community as a very important strategic international asset.

Not only does Portuguese emigration remain a constant feature of our identity, as it continues to shape our imaginary and our society, but it also constitutes a valuable cultural, political and economic heritage due to its size, diversity and geographic spread, which we have a duty to value and preserve. In this regard, we assume, also in this perspective, the importance of focusing on the consolidation of the Portuguese language in the world, seeking to value Portuguese as a language of inheritance and of attachment to the homeland; and we recognise the fundamental role played today by the Portuguese Diaspora as a driver of economic growth in our country.

It is in compliance with the principles of appreciation, preservation and, above all, assistance to Portuguese communities, that the action of the Portuguese State takes place through its internal services and its external network of consular and diplomatic posts, following a set of priorities that are interrelated and, nevertheless, do not exhaust the possibilities of intervention with those who decided to take Portugal with them elsewhere. Therefore, our policy for Portuguese communities is pursued with a view to developing the following priority dimensions:

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