The Government informs that the process of the shipment abroad of ballot papers for the National Assembly election, which will take place on January 30, 2022, has begun.

It is emphasized that overseas voters will vote by post, unless they exercised their right to opt to vote in person before 5 December.

The postal vote should be sent by the voter as soon as possible and no later than 29 January. Only votes sent by that date and received in Portugal by 9 February will be considered.

The overseas elector voting by post will receive the ballot paper in a letter sent by the Electoral Administration of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration to their address of registration, and should adopt the following procedure:

Mark their choice on the ballot paper with a cross and fold it in four. If the voter makes a mistake when marking his choice on the ballot paper, no correction or replacement will be made. Then place the ballot paper in the green envelope, sealing it.

Then, insert the green envelope inside the reply envelope - a white envelope already filled in with the address of destination - together with a copy of the Citizen's Card or Identity Card, in terms of the Electoral Law of the Assembly of the Republic (article 79-g, no. 6, of Law no. 14/79, of 16 May).

The reply envelope does not need a stamp as it has postage paid in Portugal, as it is marked on the envelope itself in three languages: Portuguese, English and French. The reply envelope also contains an indication for local post offices regarding their obligation to ensure the return service in accordance with the Universal Postal Convention.

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