The Portuguese Government supports the candidacy of António Vitorino, presented today, as Director-General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which elections are scheduled for June of 2023. António Vitorino is the current Director-General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a position to which he was elected in June of 2018.

The IOM is the United Nations agency responsible for managing international migration, being a leading humanitarian agency, benefiting more than 30 million people annually with its projects in response to crisis and conflict situations around the world.

The decision to support António Vitorino's re-election reflects the priority given by Portugal to a humanist approach to migration and the multilateral cooperation in this area. Portugal's commitment was recognized by being awarded the status of "Champion Country" of the Global Compact for Migration, a pioneering instrument aimed at managing migration in a regular manner, in line with sustainable development and in full respect of the human rights of migrants.

In his first mandate, and in a particularly challenging international context, António Vitorino achieved important results in strengthening the Organization. He implemented reforms in the top management structure, increased geographical and gender diversity and established mechanisms for evaluation and accountability, while improving the effectiveness of IOM's humanitarian activities in response to various crises, including in Yemen, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

António Vitorino is a politician with long national and international experience and has a profound knowledge of the migration topic, having been a member of international fora in this area, especially the Advisory Board of the International Migration Initiative and the Transatlantic Council on Migration. For the reasons listed above, and for the results achieved during his first mandate, the Portuguese Government believes that Vitorino is the best candidate to lead the IOM for another five years.

Lisbon, November 22, 2022

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