The Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, Paulo Cafôfo, and the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, Patrícia Gaspar, participate in the 20th edition of the annual Road Safety campaign "Sécur'été 2022 – Verão em Portugal", promoted by the association of young Portuguese descendants Cap Magellan.

This road awareness initiative is aimed especially at Portuguese emigrants and descendants in France who, during their summer holidays, travel to Portugal by car.

Reducing the number of road accidents on long journeys is the main objective of the campaign organized by Cap Magellan on the roads of France, Spain and Portugal, where volunteers and members of the association develop awareness-raising actions with drivers at service stations and at the borders between the three countries.

In addition to welcoming and raising awareness of safe driving, the initiative aims to alert emigrants to fire prevention, in the context of the “Emigrante Chama” campaign.

The event will happen this Saturday, July 30th, at 11.30 am, at the Former border post of Vilar Formoso.


In the afternoon, at 2.00 pm, Paulo Cafôfo and Patrícia Gaspar will participate in the welcoming action for emigrants carried out by Comunidades Magazine, which will at the Alto de Leomil Service Area (AE25, Km 188, E-W direction)

This initiative, which has the collaboration of the National Road Safety Authority, welcomes emigrants who come to spend their holidays in Portugal and aims to raise awareness of drivers for safe driving, in order to reduce the road accidents.


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