The State Secretary for Internationalisation, Bernardo Ivo Cruz, will participate in the presentation session of APPE- Portuguese Association of Business Parks, in Funchal.

The APPE positions itself as an instrument of Portugal’s national promotion strategy, as a destination for national and foreign direct investment, by offering spaces and services tailored to investors’ needs. The objective is to overcome context costs, create a greater concentration mechanism between licensing entities and contribute to the efficient location of investments in dedicated and appropriately infrastructure areas (further information).

On the State Secretary for Internationalisation’s agenda are also scheduled work meetings with local authorities, as well as contacts with several Madeira-based companies.

Location: Great Hall of the Regional Government of Madeira- Regional Government Building, Funchal

Session’s programme:

12h10- Participation: Regional Secretary of Economy, Rui Barreto

12h20-Presentation of APPE: Chairman of the General Assembly Board and Chairman of the Board of APPE, Gonçalo Pimenta e Isabel Caldeira Cardoso

12h40- Presentation: State Secretary for Internationalisation, Bernardo Ivo Cruz

12h50- Closure: President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque


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