João Gomes Cravinho

Minister of Foreign Affairs

In office since: 30-03-2022

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SENEC2Francisco André

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and 


In office since: 30-03-2022

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SECPPaulo Cafôfo

Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities

In office since:

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SEIBernardo Ivo Cruz

Secretary of State for Internationalization

In office since:

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647704 pdf 48   Lei Orgânica do Governo

647704 pdf 48   Lei Orgânica do MNE


647704 pdf 48Organization Chart


Direct State Administration

In addition to the external peripheral services (embassies, consular posts and missions), the following central services are part of the State's direct administration:



Indirect State Administration

The following organisms also carry out foreign affairs attributions under the superintendence and guidance of the Minister:


Órgão consultivo


Outras estruturas

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