In accordance with point II.2 of the European Commission's Communication on transparency (2014/C 198/02), the "Member States shall ensure the publication of the following information on a comprehensive State aid website, at a national or regional level:

a) the full text of the approved aid scheme or the individual aid granting decision and its implementing provisions, or a link to it,
b) the identity of the granting authority/(ies),
c) the identity of the individual beneficiaries, the form and amount of aid granted to each beneficiary, the date of granting, the type of undertaking (SME/large company), the region in which the beneficiary is located (at NUTS level II) and the principal economic sector in which the beneficiary has its activities (at NACE group level)”.

Within the context of the GBER, these obligations are indicated in Article 9(1)(a), (b) and (c).
In the case of individual aid, these requirements only apply to aid measures of more than EUR 500000. Within the scope of the GBER, the publication and information obligations include aid measures of any amount, except in what concerns Article 9(1)(c) of the GBER, which only applies to aid measures of more than EUR 500000.

The information regarding points (a) and (b), including that indicated in Article 9(1)(a) and (b) of the GBER, might be accessed in this link.

The information regarding point (c), including the information reported under Article 9(1)(c) of the GBER, might be accessed in this link.

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